We schedule a series of in-depth meetings with hand-picked buyers in their offices, or via video conferences, which secure and develop productive relationships.

How does it work?

  • We assist our clients to select their most productive market segments (FIT, adult groups, educational groups) and we then target those trade accounts with the most potential for our clients’ destination/s
  • For in person meetings, we schedule the meetings across 3 days, either focusing on London and/or locations throughout the UK, planning all necessary logistics and transportation.For virtual meetings, the meetings are also held over 3 days but are not subject to geography for obvious reasons. We take care of all the planning and logistics to ensure the smooth running.
  • We provide detailed meeting notes which include full contact details and company profiles. The notes also summarise the client’s current status with each buyer and provide tailored advice on the areas of focus to ensure productive meetings
  • The meetings are hosted by Claire Leroux, who chairs the meetings and takes detailed notes. A full mission report is compiled, detailing the findings from the meetings and the necessary follow-up activity and timelines

What are the benefits for our clients?

  • We ensure that our clients only meet buyers and prospective buyers who offer significant volume potential
  • The meetings are specifically designed to be much longer and therefore more productive than those at trade shows or workshops
  • An extremely efficient use of our client’s time, resulting in an effective kick-start or re-invigoration of the UK market

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